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Window Treatments and Why Your Room Isn't Complete Without Them

Window treatments are an essential element of interior design, helping to complete the look and feel of a room while providing privacy, light control, and energy efficiency. From traditional drapes and curtains to modern shades and blinds, there are countless options available to suit any style and budget.

“Quality custom window treatments provide the greatest bang for the buck!” says interior designer Kate FitzGerald-Wilks.

One of the main benefits of window treatments is their ability to soften the hard edges of a space and add visual interest. They can be used to create a focal point, introduce pattern or texture, or tie together the colors and materials used in the room's design. Window treatments can also help to control the amount of natural light that enters the room, which is crucial for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Custom window treatments bring a finished feel to a well-designed room.

"Professional window treatments seem to be an after thought for a lot of homeowners, but a room without them is a missed opportunity." says project manager Joshua Towber.

Moreover, window treatments can provide added insulation, helping to regulate the temperature and reduce energy costs. This is especially important in areas with extreme temperatures, where heat gain or loss through windows can significantly impact the comfort and energy efficiency of a space. Overall, incorporating well-designed and functional window treatments can enhance the look and functionality of any room in your home, making them an essential element of interior design.


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