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10 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

Your Interior Designer will:

  1. Simplify Your Life- A designer will assess what you have and determine what you still need. When your home is done, it will not only be more beautiful, but more functional as well.

  2. Save You Money- Spend money to save money? Yes! A designer will keep your budget on track. She can also help you avoid costly mistakes by helping you choose the right colors, fabrics and furnishings the first time.

  3. Save You Time and Energy- Your designer will do all the measuring, research all the options, do all the shopping and ordering for you and, as a result of prior experience, will most likely do it all much faster than you.

  4. Define and Enhance Your Style-A designer will work with you to determine your personal tastes and help your home reflect who you are.

  5. Provide a Professional Assessment- Your designer can objectively assess how your home works or doesn’t work for you. She will see and notice things that you may not and can help you determine what to keep in the space and what to edit out.

  6. Create Flow Throughout Your Home- Your designer knows how to give your home a cohesive look from room to room, while letting each room have its own identity.

  7. Provide Access to Resources and Custom Made Goods- There is an abundance of furniture, fabrics and accessories out there that are available “to the trade only.” Your designer has access to all of these items. She also has cultivated a relationship with many home improvement industry contacts and carpenters and can save you the headache of identifying reliable contractors, carpenters and electricians.

  8. Act as a Professional Liaison- Your designer can also act as a liaison between you and these industry professionals.

  9. Provide the “Wow” Factor- Your designer can think spatially and “see” the overall finished product before the room is even begun. She can think outside the box to give your home the look that will make guests say, “Wow!”

  10. Increase Your Home Sale Value- Your designer will help you make selections that can increase the value of your home. This can decrease the amount of time your house sits on the market. This is win-win: a faster turn-around time and more money for you!

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