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HPMKT – Spring Market 2024 in Review

High Point Market, the Mecca of interior design, is where trends are born and inspiration thrives. Kate FitzGerald-Wilks, our principal designer explores the vast expanse of High Point Market twice a year to discover a treasure trove of upcoming design themes that she can integrate into her own design style and inform our clients as to what is up and coming. Spring Market continued building on 2023’s Fall Market with mid-century-inspired furniture and palettes, texture-driven design, and more!

From sleek sofas to iconic lounge chairs, High Point buzzes with a revival of mid-century aesthetics, characterized by clean lines, organic shapes, and a harmonious blend of form and function. The color palette prevalent in this Market are neutrals, rust, green, and dark brown which has taken over California and will undoubtedly begin trending on the East Coast.

Texture-driven neutral design continues to take center stage at High Point! Jute and solid natural fiber rugs adorn the floors of countless exhibits, a favorite of Kate’s to use in design. Kate also noticed upholstery rich with slub, nubs, and bumps; the influence of the infamous faux shearling fabric from earlier Markets lives on in 2024.

There is a renaissance of block prints this year. From intricately patterned textiles to artisanal wallpaper, block prints add an element of hand craftsmanship to the modern interior. Inspired by the rich cultural tapestry of the East, Kate looks forward to incorporating these in future projects to imbue our client’s homes with a touch of global sophistication.

The verdict? Spring Market of 2024 truly seemed to be a continuation of those before it. While there were not many surprises, or drastic shifts, we are seeing the evolution of influence from one market to the next. Kate is eager to incorporate these elements in your next home design project with Timeless Design. Let’s get started today!


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