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Picture-Perfect - Elevating Interiors with Impactful Art

Artwork can transform a space from mundane to extraordinary, adding layers of depth and personality to your home. However, not just any piece of art will do the trick. To curate a picture perfect environment, Timeless Design by Kate FitzGerald-Wilks considers these key elements when choosing and placing art: content, scale, frame, and placement.

Content is key and the essence of a space lies in the power of its art selection. A carefully chosen piece not only sets the mood, but wields the ability to make a profound impact, turning your home into a captivating sanctuary. The right artwork transcends mere decoration; it becomes the heartbeat of your space, resonating with the ambiance you wish to create. We work to ensure that the content of the artwork will align with your personal taste and the overall design narrative, becoming a focal point that makes a striking statement to the viewer.

Size matters and the scale of the artwork plays a pivotal role in dictating the visual impact of a space. A common mistake is selecting art that is too small for the intended area, resulting in a lackluster and underwhelming effect. When in doubt, when advise going bigger; a sizable piece can command attention and anchor the room, creating a more visually dynamic atmosphere. 

Choosing the right frame is an art form in itself. Collaborating with Timeless Design will open up a world of possibilities to select frames that complement both the artwork and the overall aesthetic of the room. We take careful consideration of the thickness and finish to ensure a harmonious cohabitation with other art pieces and accents. A well-chosen frame can elevate the entire composition, tying disparate elements together into a cohesive visual feast. 

The placement of artwork is not arbitrary; it significantly influences the visual flow of a space. Consider the eye level of the average person when determining the height for your artwork. Strategic positioning, whether it's above a piece of furniture or as a standalone feature, contributes to the overall balance of the room. Our mindfulness of sightlines ensures that the art is easily viewable from various vantage points. 

Choosing and placing artwork is a nuanced endeavor that requires a thoughtful approach. The content, scale, framing, and location collectively contribute to the visual symphony of your home’s interior. By paying attention to these details, our team can transform your space into a gallery of personal expression, where each piece contributes to the harmonious tapestry of your home.


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