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Let the Light In - The Art of Window Couture

Using window treatments to perfectly frame your windows has a transformative power in the design of your home. From sheer curtains to classic Roman shades and beyond, these drapery styles not only enhance natural light but also elevate the aesthetic of your living spaces. However, many clients are unaware of how window treatments are properly installed and others fear losing natural light. This week our goal is to help overcome any hesitation in finishing off the windows in your home and point out some common errors in window treatment design.

Depending on the space, a room without window treatments may have a sterile-looking environment that appears unfinished. Window treatments are a great opportunity to add textural and visual interest. They also provide privacy if needed, achieved by functional drapery panels, or Roman shades. Working with Timeless Design by Kate FitzGerald-Wilks will help you make an informed decision about which style, fabrics, and hardware would best suit your needs.

Are your panels touching the floor? If they are not, this is a Timeless Design no-no. Kate prefers to have the panels ¼”  from the floor for a look that is tailored and bespoke to each room. An English break, or puddling is something we do not recommend for our client’s homes.

How high off of the window is your hardware installed? We suggest that the hardware in our client’s home is installed 6” (or more) above the top of their window frame. Doing so visually adds height to the room.

In addition, when using panels the width of the hardware matters. To maintain as much natural light as possible, the panels should be able to stack neatly off of the glass and frame the window’s view. If the panels bunch up on the glass, the hardware needs to be extended further.

Obviously, not all windows can handle drapery panels, so smaller spaces like windows in bathrooms, or above the sink in a kitchen would need special consideration. A faux Roman shade is a great alternative to add warmth and style while completing the look of the window.

When properly installed, window treatments will take the design of your home to the next level and make the rooms feel complete. Working with Timeless Design by Kate FitzGerald-Wilks will ensure your window treatments are not only functional but fabulous and properly installed to wow your guests. Let’s get started on the window treatments in your home today!


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