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HPMKT - Fall Market 2023 in Review

After an exciting Fall Market, Kate has returned home with fresh inspiration!

However, before Kate left for Market we decided to test her foresight. We asked her 2 design trends that she expected to see a continuation of and 1 that she hoped to see become more prevalent.

"I expect to see an emphasis on comfort and large pieces, like double chaises with less formal upright wood pieces. I also expect to see the inclusion of more natural elements. What I hope to see would be more traveled pieces being mixed into the designs. I love a little kuba cloth and am always eager to see what Ngala is doing."

An Emphasis on Comfort

Kate called it! Comfort continues to be at the forefront of design. Deep seating, oversized pieces, and lush fabrics could be found around every corner.

Side note: this Market also dazzled us with beautiful lighting in the showrooms.

A New Take on Mid-Century

Talk about a blast from the past! The mid-century vibes were strong throughout this Market in both furniture and art. Earthy, dustier tones, and browns could be found on upholstery and accents. Exposed frames and legs on upholstered pieces and mid-tone wood gave us a bit of nostalgia as what was once old becomes new again.

The Continuation of Curved Upholstery

Curved furniture seems to be here to stay! The designs have gotten not only curvier, but cozier too paired with extra padding and rich fabrics to create inviting spaces.

What are your thoughts on curved upholstery -- would you incorporate it in your home's design?

Pops of Color & Tactile Fabrics

We were delighted to see pops of color throughout the showrooms at Market compared to the beige-heavy designs of previous seasons.

In terms of fabric, it seems that while boucle was still present throughout this Market, velvet now seems to be establishing a place for itself in the modern design world.

The Verdict:

Overall it was another action-packed and insightful Market. Kate was happy to see that navy blue furniture is now sharing the spotlight with greens and pops of hot pink as accents. She feels that Market is on the brink of some big changes as to what is trending, but those new players have not yet come out in full force. She has high hopes for Spring Market and can't wait to incorporate her inspiration from Fall Market into your next home design project!


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