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Building a New Home - 5 Reasons Why Timeless Design Will Be Your New Best Friend

When embarking on the journey of building your dream home, the choices can be overwhelming. Timeless Design by Kate FitzGerald-Wilks offers our clients a seamless experience that transcends the ordinary. This week we are discussing five compelling reasons why choosing Team Timeless is like gaining a trusted ally in your home-building adventure.

Designing a home from scratch may seem pretty straightforward, but in a world saturated with choices, we understand how quickly clients can begin to feel decision fatigue. After all, how many different options of knobs, or pulls could a kitchen really have? Thousands! Our team quickly learns your design aesthetic to help consolidate choices and simplify decision-making. 

“Kate will often preview selections before the client to present them with 2-3 strong options.” says project manager Joshua Towber, “This helps keep the client focused and the project moving forward.”

Ever dreamed of a home where each room seamlessly connects, telling a story about you? 

Timeless Design achieves just that. Kate crafts cohesive spaces that reflect your personality and preferences. From color palettes to furniture selections, every element is thoughtfully chosen to weave a narrative unique to you, making your home a true extension of yourself. 

“Many of our clients have an eye for beautiful things, but at times they do not fully understand their style, or have the right words to source the products that they are trying to find.” says Towber, “It is our job to decipher their Pinterest boards, magazine clippings, and words to give them their intended look.”

Timeless Design not only focuses on your immediate satisfaction, but we also consider the long-term. We bring transparency to the table, guiding you on choices that not only enhance your lifestyle but also contribute positively to the resale value of your home. Team Timeless will help you avoid common pitfalls and advise against designs that will not withstand the test of time. 

Building a home is a collaborative effort, and Timeless Design by Kate FitzGerald-Wilks goes beyond design. With Timeless Design, you gain access to a network of vetted tradespeople and builders. These invaluable contacts ensure that your vision is executed with precision and excellence, turning your dream home into a tangible reality.

“You can have all of the best ideas in the world, but without the right people to execute them it means nothing, which is why we are so careful about bringing only the best into our client’s homes.” says interior designer Kate FitzGerald-Wilks

Finally, working with Timeless Design will help alleviate concerns about logistics such as budgeting and timelines. In addition to Kate, each project will have at least one dedicated project manager assigned to you from day 1. Our team is diligent in maintaining the budget, so knowing your budget early on, or working with Timeless Design to develop a realistic budget from the start is beneficial to both the designer and the homeowner. Similarly, Team Timeless excels in managing behind-the-scenes work like tracking product deliveries and scheduling the trades. We take the stress out of the logistics with calendars and spreadsheets to ensure nothing falls through the cracks and that projects stay on schedule. 

At Timeless Design by Kate FitzGerald-Wilks, our goal is to bring you peace of mind during the home-building journey. It is more than just selecting an interior designer; it's gaining a trusted partner in your quest for a home that stands the test of time. With a commitment to simplicity, coherence, transparency, invaluable contacts, and project management, Timeless Design is poised to be your new best friend in the exciting adventure of building a new home.


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