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Laundry Room as Main Entrance

When it comes to design, treat the laundry room entrance like any other room in your house. Elevate it beyond pure utilitarianism, and you will be happier every time you enter or leave your home (or do laundry, of course.) You won’t be embarrassed when guests walk through, and you might even start showing it off at dinner parties.

Defining Elements

Space Planning

If you have the space and budget for cabinetry and counter tops, use higher-end materials like you would in your kitchen.

Replace a standard hinged door with a sliding one to increase the usable space in the room.

For storage on open shelves and racks, use uniform bins to keep the look clean and cohesive.

Wall Treatments

Select a paint color or wallpaper you love. There are many vinyl wallpapers on the market right now, which look great by adding texture but are also easy to wipe clean.

Art and Lighting

Hang a favorite piece of art and a bold light fixture to make more of a statement and make the space feel more polished.



At, Timeless Design, Kate FitzGerald-Wilks designs with the intent to make clients’ homes both beautiful and functional. A business owner and mom of three, she understands the importance of simplifying home maintenance and organization.

Interested in renovating your home? Send Kate a message to learn how Team Timeless can make your home more beautiful. Also, be sure to check out more photos from this project here.

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